A universal symbol, adds value to your product and company, because the benefits are:

  1. Instant Recognition: A universal symbol has the power to be quickly recognized and associated with a particular brand, company, or concept across different cultures, languages, and geographical locations. It transcends language barriers and effectively communicates the identity of the entity it represents.
  2. Brand Consistency: A universal symbol ensures consistency in brand representation across various platforms, media, and touchpoints. It eliminates the need for multiple variations of a symbol, reducing confusion and strengthening brand recognition.
  3. Memorable and Impactful: A well-designed universal symbol has the potential to leave a lasting impression on people's minds. Its simplicity, clarity, and strong visual appeal make it memorable and more likely to be recalled by consumers.
  4. Global Reach: With a universal symbol, brands can expand their presence and enter new markets with ease. The symbol's universal nature allows it to resonate with diverse audiences worldwide, facilitating brand awareness and acceptance in different cultures.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Adopting a universal symbol can be cost-effective for businesses. By developing a single symbol design that can be used universally, companies save resources that would otherwise be spent on creating and maintaining multiple variations of a symbol for different markets.
  6. Flexibility and Adaptability: A universal symbol provides flexibility when it comes to implementation across various mediums, such as print, digital platforms, packaging, signage, and advertising. It can be scaled, adapted, and integrated seamlessly into different design contexts without losing its core identity.
  7. Competitive Advantage: A distinctive universal symbol helps a brand stand out from its competitors. It becomes a symbol of trust, reliability, and familiarity, creating a competitive advantage by building strong brand recognition and loyalty.

We improved the recycle symbol:
The original recycling symbols three arrows represent ‘reducing’, ‘reusing’, and ‘recycling. With the new Upcycling and Downcycling and Reuse symbol we hope to create more awareness.

We protect:
We search the Internet for misuse of the symbol you use. Reproduction of a copyrighted work without permission is not allowed according to the Copyright Act. This always requires permission from the copyright holder. If infringing acts occur, we may hold parties liable.

We encourage:
We approach companies around the world and encourage and stimulate them to use our Universal symbols, giving you a stronger brand. 

General awareness:
We work on general awareness of symbols you use. For example, we are sponsors of Upcyclingday TM. Upcyclingday TM, offers a good way to create awareness about upcycling among a wider audience

We educate (coming 2024), goals: 
Raise students awareness of the challenges of the environment and climate change; 
Develop innovative practises for students to become agents of change by using fewer resources, reducing waste consumption and offsetting carbon emissions; 
Developing sustainability skills of teachers, leaders and staff; 
Promote interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative learning and the development of creativity; 
Promote interdisciplinary teaching in culture, environment, business, design and other fields; 
Strengthening student initiative and entrepreneurship; 
Promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in different areas of education; 
To disseminate the result widely and to create a network of interested institutions and actors.